Carol's Been Cooking

Hi, thanks for visiting.

I make chutney, jam & marmalade in my Moray kitchen.

Wherever possible, I use seasonal, locally sourced ingredients; However, I’m yet to find a local grower of citrus & exotic fruit !  

I use traditional “old fashioned” recipes along with some more unusual modern flavours prepared using the open pan method.

I have a small kitchen, so produce small batches and rely purely on the natural pectin in the fruit  to set my jams and jellies – I do not add any  commercial pectin or gelling agents. This  means there may be slight variations in appearance and flavour due to the nature of the ingredients.

All of my chutneys, jams and marmalade are made using gluten free ingredients and are also suitable for vegans unless otherwise stated. 

I hope you enjoy eating my chutney, marmalade and jam as much as I enjoy making them.

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